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ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - "The Monster Squad" - Cassette Tape (1987/2022) [Digitally Remastered] (RED Shell, 1 of 400, VERY RARE!) - SEALED

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Label & No.  Terror Vision T.V. 034 (RED Shell) [Digitally Remastered] 

>Very Limited Edition (1 of 400) on RED Colored Shell!< (VERY RARE!)

Condition: Factory Sealed


Main Title / The Van Helsing Prologue
Scary German Guy / Bat In The Hold
Let It Begin
Lock Me Up! / Wolfman Wakes Up
Monster Music
Class Reunion
Mr. Alucard
Mummy’s Gone / Making Plans / Phoebe Meets Frank
Van Helsing’s Diary / Monsters
Walking Dead Guy
Scary Mask
Rock Until You Drop
 Performer – Michael Sembello
The Old Wolfman Ruse / Not Clark Kent / Twinkie Creature
At The Mansion / On All Sides
Recovering The Amulet
Goodbye Band Aid Breath
At Sean’s House
The Vampire Killed / Kill A Wolfman
Creature Carnage
Phoebe And The Count / The Final Vortex
End Credits
Monster Squad Rap
 Performer – The Monster Squad