DEBBIE GIBSON - "Greatest Hits" - Cassette Tape (1995) [Digalog®] [Dig – THE CASSETTE PLACE™

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DEBBIE GIBSON - "Greatest Hits" - Cassette Tape (1995) [Digalog®] [Digitally Mastered] [Bonus Tracks!] [Very Rare & HTF!] - Mint

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Label & No.  Atlantic 82624-4 [Clear Shell] [Digalog®] [Digitally Mastered] [*Bonus Tracks!] [Very Rare & Hard To Find!] 

Condition: Mint


Only In My Dreams 
Electric Youth 
Foolish Beat 
Anything Is Possible 
Staying Together 
Lost In Your Eyes 
Shake Your Love 
No More Rhyme 
Out Of The Blue 
Only In My Dreams (Extended Club Mix
Shake Your Love (Club Mix
Losin' Myself (12" Masters At Work Version)