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GORDON LIGHTFOOT - "Gord's Gold Volume II" - [Double-Play Cassette Tape] (1988) [Digalog®] [Digitally Mastered] (Bonus Song!) [Shape® Mark 10 Clear Shell] - Mint

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Label & No. Warner Bros. W4-25784 [Double-Play = to 2 Tapes] [Digalog®] [Digitally Mastered] [Columbia House Version(Shape® Mark 10 Performance Clear Shell)

*Note: All The Songs except for the 4 noted were Re-recorded for this release.

Condition: Mint


If It Should Please You (Bonus New Song)
Endless Wire [Re-recorded version]
Hangdog Hotel Room [Re-recorded version]
I'm Not Supposed To Care [Re-recorded version]
High & Dry [Re-recorded version]
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald [Re-recorded version]
The Pony Man [Re-recorded version]
Make Way (For The Lady) [Original version]
It's Worth Believin' [Original version]
Race Among The Ruins [Re-recorded version]
Christian Island [Re-recorded version]
All The Lovely Ladies [Re-recorded version]
Alberta Bound [Re-recorded version]
Cherokee Bend [Re-recorded version]
Triangle [Re-recorded version]
Shadows [Re-recorded version]
Baby Step Back [Original version]
Ghosts Of Cape Horn [Original version]