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Audiophile Chrome Cassette Tape (1991) - Mint">

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (Arthur B. Rubinstein/The Four Seasons) - "The Hard Way" - Audiophile Chrome Cassette Tape (1991) - Mint

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Label & No.  Varese Sarabande VSC-5315 (Chrome CrO2)

Condition: Mint


[All Conducted by Arthur B. Rubinstein except *]

The Big Apple Juice 
Cirque Du Parte Crasher 
Manhattan Tow-Truck 
Ghetto A La Hollyweird 
He Dead / She Dead 
*Big Girls Don't Cry (Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)
Where Have You gone, L. Ron? 
Transit Authority 
Gas Attack 
Killer Lang 
Smoking Gun II 
Top Of The World 
The Good, The Badge And The Ugly 
Run Around Sue