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JIMMY BUFFETT - "Early Jimmy Buffett: Before The Salt" - [Double-Play Cassette Tape] (1979) [Rare!] - Mint, C/O

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Label & No. GRT/Barnaby 6019H [Blue Case & Blue Cassette Shell] [Double-Play = to 2 Tapes] [Consists of his First 2 albums on Barnaby from 1970 "Down To Earth" and 1971 the unreleased "High Cumberland Jubille". ] [Rare!]

Condition: Mint, [small "cut-out" (C/O) notch in bottom right corner of front case]


The Christian 
Ellis Dee 
Richard Frost (Bonus Track, not on the original "Down To Earth" album)
The Missionary 
A Mile High In Denver 
The Captain And The Kid 
Captain America 
Ain't He A Genius 
There's Nothing Soft About Hard Times 
I Can't Be Your Hero Today 
Truckstop Salvation 
Rockefeller Square 
Bend A Little 
In The Shelter 
Death Valley Lives 
Livingston's Gone To Texas 
Travelin' Clean 
The Hang-Out Gang 
God Don't Own A Car 
High Cumberland Jubilee / Comin' Down Slow