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JOHN FOGERTY (Creedence) - "Centerfield" - Cassette Tape (1985) [Rare 1st issue w/"ZANZ Kant Danz"!] - Mint

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Label & No.  War. Bros. 25203-4 (RARE! - 1st Issue with "ZANZ Kant Danz")

Condition: Mint


The Old Man Down The Road 
Rock And Roll Girls 
Big Train (From Memphis) 
I Saw It On T.V. 
Mr. Greed 
I Can't Help Myself 
Zanz Kant Danz (*Original 1st copies had "ZANZ Kant Danz" (For Fantasy Records head Saul Zaentz) (Fogerty was sued by Zaentz and had to replace it with "VANZ")