JUDY TENUTA - "Buy This, Pigs!" (Comedy) - Cassette Tape (1987) [Shape – THE CASSETTE PLACE™

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JUDY TENUTA - "Buy This, Pigs!" (Comedy) - Cassette Tape (1987) [Shape® Mark 10 Clear Shell] - Mint

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Label & No.  Elektra 9 60746-4 (Shape® Mark 10 Performance Clear Shell)

Condition: Mint


Airborne With An Ape 
Dating And Death...Like There's A Difference 
"The Pope Song" 
Sow Of The South 
The Clapp Twins 
My Gene Pool? 
"My Dad" 
Republican Convention 
Ma Bell Is A Giant Pig 
Sharing Space With A Sea Cow 
"Looks Don't Count" 
The Queen And I 
Punk Rock Bar 
"I Like Boys"