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About The Cassette Place™ & FAQs

The Cassette Place (formerly The Tape Place™) is an online Classic Cassette Music Tape Store that has been around since 1982, helping Cassette Tape Collectors add to their collections of Music Tapes. We deal in Classic Cassettes: Rock/Pop, Country/Folk, R&B/Soul/Disco, Jazz/Blues, Vocal, Oldies, Soundtracks/Musicals, Classical, Comedy, Holiday, Childrens and Audiophile. (Sorry, we do not deal in any Rap/Hip Hop.)  > The Cassette Place™ only deals in Quality Tapes that are in Near Mint condition. We do not deal in any abused, beat up or "junky" condition Tapes, so you can buy from us with complete confidence.

Pre-recorded Stereo Compact Cassette (MusicTapes were first introduced in the U.S. in July 1966 by the Mercury (Philips) Record Company (49 Titles). [Philips had introduced the Compact Cassette Tape in 1963 originally for dictation!]  They named them MUSICASSETTES. (Then later, "MUSIC-CASSETTES").  Since vinyl record albums were the preferred form of recorded music - followed closely by Stereo 8-Track Tape CARtridges - Stereo Compact Cassette Tapes were only produced in small quantites.  Few people were interested in them, at the time, nor purchased them. This situation remained approximately the same throughout most of the early 1970's.  Around 1981, due in large part to the increasing popularity of the SONY "Walkman®" stereo portable cassette player and the continuing growth of Auto Cassette Players, Cassette sales rose rapidly and they were produced in much larger quantities. [ Note: Stereo Compact Music Cassette Tapes were phased out by all the major Music Companies by 2003. ]  *There has been a current resurgence in the interest for Cassette Music Tapes and some small (and major) companies are even producing new ones for certain Artists or Titles! 


 Mr. Lou Ottens - Inventor of the Philips Compact Cassette Tape - R.I.P.


  [ Lodewijk (Lou) Frederik Ottens - June 21, 1926 – March 6. 2021 ]


FAQ's  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you ship to other Countries, how much is shipping and are there any taxes and fees that will be added?

We ship Worldwide and the cost of shipping is determined by a shipping calculator that is built into the site. The cost is based on the total weight of all the items being purchased and the current USPS rates. You can choose from First Class International or Priority International.  The total will be given to you after you enter your billing info, but before you make the final confirmation of your purchase, so that you have a chance to review it. Any other import taxes and fees that are imposed on international orders are completely dependent on the country that you are ordering from. If you are ordering from outside the U.S. the best way to find out if you will be charged any import fees is to contact your local postal service.

How soon will my order ship?

Orders ship the Next business day, by the more reliable USPS Ground Advantage or Priority Mail (if so selected). (Also by Media Mail for ("Free" Shipping). All Orders over $55.00 ship FREE.

What condition are the used Cassettes in?

All previouly owned cassette tapes are in at least Near Mint condition with pressure pads checked and intact.  We do not deal in any kind of "junky" or abused tapes. Our Quality tapes are guaranteed to play correctly without any sound issues. If you are not satisfied with the condition in any way you may return it (postage paid) for a replacement, credit or refund within 14 days.

Are these stock photos or do i get the one in the picture?

You get the exact tape shown in the pictures!                                                         

What does Digalog® mean in your descriptions?

Digalog® was a revolutionary new Cassette manufacturing process linking state of the art digital mastering and duplication directly to the finished analog Cassette and used on later WEA (Warner, Elektra & Atlantic) and some RCA Cassette Tapes. Fully compatible with all standard Cassette players, this remarkable technology establishes new standards for sonic clarity and dynamic range.

What does HQ® (High Quality) mean in your descriptions?

HQ® (High Qulaity) is a process used on MCA made Cassette Tapes in the 1990's that improved sonic clarity & dynamic range in their pre-recorded Cassette Tapes.

What is QualitapE® mean in your descriptions?

QualitapE® is a process used on Arista Cassette Tapes to improve their sonic quality & clarity using current technology and better tape formulations.

What does "Digitally Remastered" mean in your descriptions?

Digitally Remastering is when a Tape Company takes the old Analog Master tape of an album and Digitally remasters it to obtain the best sonic clarity and range using state of the art equiptment. It's intended to provide a cleaner, sharper, and more refined listening experience.

What are "Audiophile" Cassette Tapes?

Audiophile Cassette Tapes are Tapes that were recorded on High Performance Tape stock such as Chrome (CrO2), Cobalt, Extended Range or Tapes from such Companies as Mobile Fildelity Sound Labs or CBS Mastersound. Because of this, they sound better than regular duplicated Music Cassettes.

What is the Shape® Mark 10 Clear Performance Shell in your descriptions?

True sound reproduction. Todays sophisticated audiophile demands it. State of the art audio equipment needs it and SHAPE® has it. The SHAPE® MARK 10 cassette shell maintains the trueness of the recording with a lasting tape quality for extraordinary waves of sound. Built to challenge the compact digital disc, the SHAPE® MARK 10 features a specially formulated crystal clear shell designed to compensate for problems resulting from inaccurate shell tape alignment. A unique black "bridge insert" (Design and Mechanical Patents Pending worldwide) provides the necessary control of tape azimuth, height, tilt, tangency and contact variables for superior sound reproduction. The stringent manufacturing controls ensure consistent performance with optimum side A and side B quality. True sound reproduction. Lasting tape quality, The SHAPE® MARK 10 cassette shell. [This unique cassette shell was used on many WEA (Warner, Elektra & Atlantic) Cassette Tapes from 1984 to 1991].

What is your return policy?

We understand buying used tapes online can be a concern. So we have a policy to ensure that you have a very positive experience.

All used tapes are guaranteed! If you are not fully satisfied with the playing condition or sound quality of the tape you may return it (postage paid) within 14 days for a replacement, credit or refund.

New (sealed) items can be returned within 21 days, but must be unused and in the same sealed condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. All shipping costs on New items are customers responsibility and non-refundable. [In the case that if a New item is defective, than the used item policy applies.]

If you want make a return, please email us at support@TheCassettePlace.com for a return authorization.

How often do you get new Cassette Tapes in?

There's always new Tapes being listed... See "New Arrivals" on the Homepage.

Do you buy used Cassette collections

Sorry. we do not buy any used Tapes from people, as we have our own Stock, Distributors and Special Sources, etc.

Do you ship to prisons and correctional facilities?

Sorry, NO we do not ship to any Prisons/Correctional Facilities because of the strict guidelines and implementations that are required.